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Potcoin Wallet provides backdoor access to user's computers!

ALERT--Little did I know that when I downloaded my Potcoin wallet, I was at the same time downloading a hacker's backdoor that could be used to bypass my computer's passwords and gain free access to my computer.

(the bizarre details, of how this vulnerability came to light, follow)


Before I relate this: do know that, to my knowledge, although Hacker David Perkins with Potcoin support did have and did use a back-door computer hack to change my computer's passwords—I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT, because when he was backed into a corner about his having done it, he,amazingly while sitting in Canada, changed MY PASSWORDDS BACK to my ORIGINAL passwords.............

[To give you a further idea of Mr. Perkins' computer skill set, on another occasion, he mounted a DDOS attack on my computer at the very moment I was supposed to call him and have all of my Potcoin related problems resolved. (I think because I was asking too many questions and generally giving him a hard time about Potcoin's non-existent customer support). When I realized that a DDOS attack had been launched, I issued an ultimatum to Mr. Perkins by phone, and again miraculously, the DDOS attack stopped IMMEDIATELY.]


To be clear, AS FAR AS I KNOW, during his incursions into my computer, Potcoin's David Perkins did not steal anything, including any passwords or files from me (although I have changed them since just to be prudent). Nor do I know that he would have USED HIS BACK-DOOR ACCESS to Potcoin wallets at any future time, to steal from, injure financially or use these same hacks to steal from or injure anyone else. I am nevertheless still probably vulnerable to other troublesome meddling by Perkins (if he did, in fact, steal files from my computer. In this regard, I will simply have to watch what a disturbed cyber sneak-thief can do to damage me through data that may have been stolen.


I only know for sure that I don't want anyone having to access my computer's data and my computers passwords. The FACT that Potcoin's head of customer support David Perkins proved to me that he had that power, just makes me nervous in-general. (It's a little like knowing there is someone standing by your home's back door with a key to your house in their hand. You don't know that they have bad intentions, but you'd rather they hand you the key and go stand somewhere else.)

-----Here's a listing of important events leading up to our discoveries.
1. I purchased some Potcoins (about 1,000 for my son on Bittrex-one of the few exchanges that even offer Potcoins).

2. First I had to download a wallet to store my Potcoins in, yet Potcoin's Support had completely screwed up their installation software..... and refused to answer my emailed requests for help. So I tried unsuccessfully for several weeks to make their wallet work.

3. I fussed repeatedly at the Potcoin support people and frankly told them to get their act together.

4. When they did finally address my problems, They instructed me to delete the original wallet files (the same files that I would later be told were essential for claiming of my coins).

5. After complaining to them one day about their botched handling of a simple support issue, the very next day I found that my computer had been hacked and my passwords changed-apparently in retaliation for my telling them to get their act together. At the time I didn't understand how they could have possibly done this?? When I asked my computer engineer son, he told me that the software provided by Potcoin Support had obviously been loaded with some spy software attached.

6.Naturally I, on REDDIT, had previously attempted to report to fellow pPotcoin holders that my Coins had been stolen -or AT LEAST PUT IN LIMBO--by the either sloppy or malicious actions of a wealthy Potcoin staffer--NAMED David Perkins-- A young person somehow connected to the international Coie-Perkins law firm that represents so many of the alt-currency companies as well as the BITTREX Alt-currency exchange. [Curiously my post to hopefully alert Potcoin holders there was removed by Reddit higher-ups—as this one probably will be as well.]

7. Now, more recently, in fact, just this past week, after making a second Reddit post, I found that my computer had again been hacked and my computer passwords again changed. However, this time, I had a strong suspicion as to who might be behind it. Namely, David Perkins (whom I had spoken with by phone several times before). This was the same very computer savvy person who had told me to destroy important computer files, and who then had given me nothing more than lip-service in relation to RECOVERING MY SON'S COINS--certainly the money involved was a piddling amount but, it was the principle of the thing--plus the added fact that someone was stealing my son's money made this a crusade I was not going to quickly abandon... Potcoin support, by all rights, should have reimbursed us without hesitation --as the error was theirs, not ours). WRONG!!! They or at least David Perkins chose instead to punish me for pointing out their support department's inadequacies and began pulling out his bag of stupid computer tricks to unleash on me and my computer.

So in final frustration over having my computer's passwords changed and as a shot in the dark, I surprised David Perkins with a call to the cell number he had previously called me from ( a number stored on my phone from his previous calls.) He answered my call and claimed to NOT BE David Perkins nor to have anything to do with Potcoin, He kept up this ruse even after my telling him that not only were his denials useless, I (on top of everything else), recognized his voice from our previous conversations.

Next, I asked him to return control of my computer to me. He then said, if you think I've done that, why don't you report this to the police. I replied -But David you're in Canada and US authorities have no jurisdiction over you, which you know very well.-- I then messaged him the proposed advertisement I was willing to place.

Hacker wanted to -1- permanently spam an individual's cell telephone number (in this case the number belonging to David Perkins ), and -2- to formulate and execute an attack on his company's crooked website...

I further explained to David that this was GOING TO HAPPEN if he did not immediately return my computer to its original state (meaning primarily reinstating my original passwords). Luckily, I already had removed many critical files from that compromised computer after the first intrusion had happened.

Here's the punchline
-- Following the sending of the above text, My computer's passwords were re-instated within 15 minutes--I'm still unclear as to how it was done.--(but I imagine that as my computer engineer son suggested, some kind of hacker's back door had been installed along with the Potcoin Wallet's software.). Of course I'll never be able to safely (securely) use that computer online again without reformating its hard drive.... but Mr. Perkins' quick action to return control of my computer to me and the restoring of my original passwords, showed that he was directly tied to the Hacker software installed on my computer in the first place. It also showed the value he put on keeping and using the phone number he had had for YEARS, the same number that everyone he had known for years knew how to reach him with. So to protect that cell phone number, he revealed to be true, what I had convincingly claimed to already know.

In closing, --as a victim of this hacking nonsense-- I think it is important to share my experience with other Potcoin owners and simply say, If you have Potcoin software on your computer, you may want to re-think its presence there. If it is the same software I put on my computer, then it MAY have been loaded with the back-door access to your computer that mine had.

PS. I should add to all this that I have the compromised Hard Drive which contains the culprit software being referenced here.

NOW, whether Mr. Perkins or anyone on his staff, would in the next week or next six months from now have taken any of my coins or used this back-door computer hack to cyber-loot other private information on my computer, I cannot say. But I always try to look at such things objectively and say,

Would anyone have created and downloaded this software just to load it on my on my computer? Frankly, I am just not that important! (and no information I possess warrants hacking my computer just to get at it.)

It follows then, that the hacking software utilized against me to achieve some revenge for having under-respected Mr. Perkins, was in fact created for the primary purpose of hacking into the computers of a large number of Potcoin investors and ripping off their other altcoins. But then, I am not privy to the inner workings of Mr. Perkins' or anyone else's mind, I can only report what I have seen and fill in the blanks with my own conclusions.

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